All About me

My name is Karrah Smith and I am a Founding Executive with Jamberry. I'm midwest girl who happened to find a pretty amazing opportunity almost 5 years. I have been married to my firefighter hubby for almost 10 years. We have 4 little girls a toddler (Kinsley), a preschooler (Adaley), a 2nd grader (Annalyn) and a 3rd grader (Gracyn). You could say life is a little BUSY!
Some of the highlights of my Jamberry career have been hitting Elite Executive on my one-year anniversary with the company and earning 3 incredible incentive trips. My favorite thing about Jamberry is the freedom to work from home, set my own hours and to be here for my girls. I also love the life-long friendships that Jamberry has brought me!
When I’m not jamming, I love fixing up our old farmhouse, junking, going to country concerts and traveling, which I get to do a lot more of because of Jamberry!
Fun Fact: Jamberry help us pay cash for 2 vehicles, a crazy fun trip to Disney and our monthly mortgage payment on our dream house! It is also helping us fund our 4 girls educations and 4 future weddings. ;) Wanna learn more? Email me and I'll add you into our "Discover Jamberry" group! NO pressure, just come see if this is something you wanna try out!



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